All-Star Cheerleading Teams

All Ages as of August 31st.

Tiny - Ages 3-6

Mini -Ages 3-8

Youth- Ages 11 and under

Junior - Ages 14 and under

Senior- Ages 10-18 years old

All star cheerleading is a competitive version of cheerleading where teams don't cheer for another sport, they are the sport!!!!  Ages are from 3-18 and members are selected during evaluations that take place in the summer. Members purchase their own uniforms, warm up, tuition, skills classes, clinics and choreography camps just to name a few. Members compete in about 6-10 regional and national cheerleading events. Teams practice anywhere from 2 to 4 hours per week. Members are encouraged to take tumbling and skills classes to help with individual and team goals. Competitive cheerleading is a physically demanding sport where individuals gain physical skill, work together on a team and gain confidence.

Flexibility Classes-‚Äč  This class is offered as FLYER FLEX or FLEXIBILITY. You do not have to be a flyer in to attend. Flexibility is very important in cheerleading and tumbling. An instructor will guide you and teach you proper stretching techniques. Not only will you learn how to increase your flexibility, you will gain strength which is needed in all areas of competitive cheer.

 Stomp N Shake- Come rock with the BEST! That's right CA Cheer and Dance is PROUD to bring you stomp and shake cheerleading taught to you by trained HBCU Cheerleaders.

Cheer Prep   This is a great class for individuals who would like to learn more about cheerleading. If you would like to learn more about motions, jumps and the basics of cheerleading this is the class for you.  Cheer Prep is great for new cheerleaders who are ready to excel!

Tumbling classes-Come learn the levels for the skills you need. Tumbling classes are essential in competitive cheerleading.

Level 1- Forward roll, backwards roll, cartwheel, roundoff , back bend (bridge), roundoff rebound, bridge kickover, backwalkover, front walkover and handstands.

Level 2- All Level 1 skills, backhandsprings from standing, roundoff backhandsprings (series for level 2), front handsprings, back handspring step outs

Level 3-All level 1-2 skills, double standing backhandsprings, running tumbling with tucks, punch fronts

Level 4-- All level 1-3 skills with, backhandspring back tucks, running tumbling with layouts. standing tucks




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